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EVOLVE works with leaders and companies ready to elevate your people experience, culture, leadership, and results.

We deliver our work through coaching, strategy, and training to amplify your productivity, profitability, and purpose.

Our work evokes your company’s vision, your people’s potential, and transforms blind spots supporting your people and teams to shift into their growth mindset, elevate people and relationship skills (aka, soft skills) and create the results you want.

We specialize in diversity, equity, inclusion, emotional intelligence, agility, collaboration, and communication. To learn more about our corporate offering, to book one of our speakers, or explore what’s possible for your people, culture and company, connect with EVOLVE at leadership@evolveeq.com

culture and leadership focus on humans, not resources

Gallup research shows over 50% of U.S. employee are not engaged at work, and are actively searching for a new job

The cost of replacing someone who earns a median salary of $45,000 a year is $15,000...30% of their salary (Work Institute’s 2017 Retention Report)

58% of companies with an articulated, understood sense of purpose experienced over 10% growth, compared to just 42% of companies that don't make purpose a priority

60% of U.S employees would be willing to take slightly less pay if their employer showed empathy

77 % f U.S employees would be willing to work longer hours for an empathetic employer

70% of employees believe training could help them become more focused on the job and better at managing their time, but 66% have never asked their managers for such training

43% of U.S employees say they are often or always stressed

Purpose-oriented employees are 50% more likely to move into leadership and 47% more likely to act as promoters of their employers than non purpose-oriented employees