Become a sought after destination for talent and clients

As a Coach and Strategist, I partner with companies to create your ideal corporate culture.

Together, we design and implement this vision and strategy by identifying, attracting and developing engaged and purpose-filled talent and clients, turning your company into a sought-after destination for the products, services, and work experience you offer.

My comprehensive approach includes:

  • Recruiting and Onboarding
  • Leadership
  • Collaboration 
  • Training and Development
  • Corporate Retreats & Workshops
  • Corporate Communication / Content
  • Public Speaking / Corporate Events
  • Corporate Wellness
  • Work-Life Balance

My corporate culture strategy begins with an culture audit giving you a quick inside look to see where your company is excelling and what your talent is seeking.

The 2 main themes that have come from this type of audit are empathy and flexibility. 

A corporate culture that fosters empathy in the workplace is one of the best ways to create an engaged and purpose-filled workforce.

  • Recent Gallup research shows that the average U.S. employee is not only unengaged at work, but half are actively searching for a new job
  • 60% would be willing to take slightly less pay if their employer showed empathy
  • 78% would leave an employer for equal pay if the other company was empathetic
  • 77 % would be willing to work longer hours for an empathetic employer

Employees are seeking accessible and approachable leaders and co-workers they can trust, and who are open to listening and understanding other views and thoughts. When this happens, employees feel comfortable, are motivated, and committed to excellence.

Flexibility promotes a culture where your talent feels as though they are working with you, rather than working for you. This builds enormous buy-in and an elevated corporate culture. Talent with a well-rounded, active life will bring more tools, resources, inspiration and creativity to their work.

I find this fascinating in a world where most people believe things revolve around money, the top 2 requirements have nothing to do with compensation. Talented people want to work at companies that treat them like adults and have empathetic, energetic, flexible, progressive and innovative cultures. 

Every company is different and is why a Corporate Culture Audit can be very valuable, The audit is based on your talent’s experience and not general tips, tricks or template from a book or consultant.

This audit alone will give you invaluable insight into how your talent feels about:

  • their performance
  • their position and department
  • leadership / management
  • your company

The audit also shows your talent that you are investing in them.

The benefit of working with me to lead your company through this corporate culture transformation is I am able to look at the experience through a wide lens, while knowing how to interpret and implement the data based on my expertise with habits, behavior, mindset, strategy and corporate culture.

Working with me as your Corporate Coach and Culture Strategist means not having to do this on your own, and taking a comprehensive approach with a high level of support, strategy and accountability imbedded into the experience.

I am your partner and collaborator during this entire process, where it almost feels as though I am in-house team member.

I love what I do, and have seen my private clients excel and elevate over the years due to incredible corporate culture. They LOVE where they work, where it no longer feels like work. They no longer dread Monday’s, countdown the days to Friday, or vacation because their work is their passion and they genuinely enjoy going to work everyday. They put as much time and energy into what they do because they are happy, fulfilled and are creating an impact with their work.

To move this forward, I invite you to a call or strategy session with me where we can further discuss your current culture strategy and I can walk your through how we can set-up this Corporate Culture Audit together. Please complete this form to get the process started.

I look forward to learning more about your talent and corporate culture.  If you have any questions, please reach out to  Thank you.

With Purpose,


Tiffany Houser

Coach & Strategist