I work with a team of coaches and leaders in culture and collaboration where we piece together the impact of your culture, collaboration and leadership through experiential development and coaching.

We know culture is complex, and you know culture matters.

Our experiential and creative approach to culture and collaboration allows you to discover and transform your blindspots, amplify what’s working and creates the space for elevated engagement, purpose, and performance across your company.




In my private practice, I partner with leaders, and aspiring leaders, who are ready to step into and elevate your professional purpose by

  • being the inspirational leader of your company
  • creating a powerful and impactful professional legacy
  • landing your next dream job/gig
  • elevating your visibility and impact
  • further monetizing your expertise and passion
  • creating more happiness, passion, freedom, fulfillment, balance and purpose in your life


Are you a boss and a leader?

Let’s see how your leadership measures up. Check out my distinctions to see if you are a boss AND leader, and why it’s invaluable to be both for your people, company and for yourself.