Inspired Leadership

A leader is inspired by their ideas, values, and actions.  Their inspiration is magnetic, and evokes other people’s inspirational qualities.

To be the leader of your company and your life, tapping into your emotional intelligence, emotional literacy are invaluable. As your coach and collaborator, we explore:

  • your ability to be vulnerable and authentic
  • how you can be be responsible for all outcomes
  • how to elevate your self-awareness and self-management through
  • how to evoke your competencies and passion
  • your blind spots and how to transform them
  • impactful communication, dealing with difficult exchanges and individuals
  • your professional legacy as a leader

All of this is created with high-level accountability and support. It is vitally important for leaders in today’s world to be values-driven, have broad and deep vision, be self-aware, inspirational, authentic (be who they really are, and not be afraid to be so in front of others), and be agile and be aligned. Working with me as your coach is great ways to explore and develop your leadership.



Begin Your Leadership & Professional Purpose Experience

This leadership experience begins with co-creating yourLeadership & Professional Purpose Roadmap with me.  This is for people beginning their leadership journey. Your roadmap alone will give you clarity, direction and a concrete action plan to follow and land the next job of your dreams, step into your visibility, elevate your leadership and further monetize your expertise so you can:

  • become an inspiring leader
  • lead teams and companies
  • build a impactful professional legacy
  • book speaking engagements
  • write books, create content, or contribute content to national media outlets
  • attract sponsorships and spokesperson opportunities
  • create your own private client offering
  • launch your own podcast
  • launch your professional brand as the ‘go-to’ expert in your field/industry
  • generate more income from your existing dream job
  • and much more

The 5 Leadership &Professional Purpose Roadmap Steps:

    1. Assessment: Defining who you are, what you desire, and looking at the big picture of your leadership journey
    2. Mindset Upgrade: This is my favorite step because our mindset is what gets in our way and slows us down from elevating our leadership in and out of our professional journey. This is where we begin to align your desires, vocation and income with your habits, beliefs and behavior, while discovering your leadership blind spots and opportunities
    3. Design Roadmap: Define and piece together what we discover in the first 2 steps to realistically design your roadmap based on who you currently are, and where you want to land (both experience- and mindset-wise)
    4. Create Action Plan Strategy with Timeline: Determine what type of action needs to happen to move you forward along your roadmap and when each action step will be completed. Having a plan is good, and knowing you are taking empowered action to turn your plan into reality is how things become great
    5. Embed Sustainability: Address and embed mindset, accountability, support  and leadership checkpoints into your roadmap to allow you to fully go on the adventure of your professional life

My Leadership & Professional Purpose Roadmap is the inspiration, clarity, support, accountability, and vision you have been searching for in your professional life. What you do with it can open up numerous possibilities, upgrade your lifestyle and create more fulfillment, happiness and impact within yourself and others along your journey.


How Do I Start This Process?

To co-create your Leadership & Professional Purpose Roadmap with me:

  1. Please complete this request form This will allow me to understand where you are currently to create a starting point for our work together
  2. Once I receive your completed form, we will have a brief phone conversation to get on the same page and set the times and dates for your 6 Roadmap sessions
  3. I will take you through the 5 steps over 6 sessions while also addressing anything we discover together and find valuable (the entire process can take 2 – 8 weeks depending on your drive, goals and timeline)
  4. You will have a clear roadmap with embedded action steps to follow and achieve your goals
  5. You will also have the option to continue working with me either privately or in one of my leadership masterminds, with like-minded leaders who are also elevating their expertise, leadership and professional journey. Both require an application process



Are You Already a Leader?

For those of you who are already a leader, and are incredibly passionate, motivated, and ready to accelerate your leadership and professional legacy NOW, you can work with me privately, or in one of my Leadership Masterminds.


To work with me privately on your professional goals, you must be able to clearly state your leadership vision for consideration and there is a application process. When selected, we will take your Roadmap or vision and go on the journey together.

Working with me privately or in a Mastermind:

  • I will be looking at your journey from a wider lens knowing how and when to stretch you into action, and where you need more support and strategy by giving you neutral feedback
  • The entire time we work together, we will address your mindset to shift forward through your blind spots and any changes in your professional landscape
  • I will be your partner and collaborator who will review all of your material including your pitches, projects, scripts, resume, portfolios, ideas, audition, strategies, emails, speeches, proposals, web pages, and any other professional content
  • I will empower you to make productive and positive decisions, so you are not stuck or stalled at any point on the journey, and know when and how to pivot or iterate
  • You will also have access to my team of professional collaborators and experts to give you insight, while also expanding your network
  • I will create a powerful space for you to step further into your leadership and your professional legacy
  • Most importantly…I will hold you accountable to your leadership vision, allowing you to accelerate your journey and get what you want faster and in a sustainable way

You will feel a level of empowerment you’ve been craving. My passion and my mission is to stoke the fire burning inside of you and get you moving with ACTION!

I only coach people who are ready to create and are no longer willing to wait for what they desire and for what they deserve. To begin the journey, request your Leadership & Professional Purpose Roadmap.

Thank you and I look forward to co-creating your leadership with you. If you have any questions, please reach out to me directly at [email protected]

What is Professional Purpose?

The 3 Pillars of Professional Purpose:

  1. fulfillment: you are great at what you do, or know you will be great at it, and generate abundant income from your work
  2. happiness: you LOVE what you do, feel alive doing it, and cannot wait to do it every day
  3. impact: your work has meaning and is creating a difference in people’s lives and the world

Align Your Career with Your Vocation

I had this message from Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love Author), saved on my hard drive for over 4 years. When I initially read it, it hit me with Oprah force. Her message outlines professional purpose, and she discusses the difference and importance of

  • hobby
  • job
  • career
  • vocation

When I got to vocation in LG’s message, it hit my soul with such impact, and opened up such purpose and clarity about what I am meant to be doing.

Vocation is your calling in life. It’s not about income, not about your company, your opportunities, or your advancement…it’s about you, and what you’re meant to be doing every day. Your deepest desire, energy, happiness, impact and purpose.

Jobs and careers come and go, and your vocation cannot because again it is what you meant to be doing every day, and you can create careers around it, and that is what I am here to empower you do to!

For example, my career is Coach & Strategist.

My vocation is empowering people, creating ways for them to have great experiences in their lives, and creating enlightened change in the world. When I young, I wanted to be a teacher and loved education and inspiration. This desire never went away. I found numerous ways to honor my vocation through different jobs, careers and philanthropy over my 40+ years on earth.

When your career is aligned with your vocation, or calling in life, you are happy, fulfilled and are making a difference in people’s lives, and this is my goal for you!

This is how my Leadership & Professional Purpose Experience is designed to align your CAREER with your VOCATION, (and for those of you who still have a job, we go from job to career, while aligning with vocation).

This also means no more stressing out or being affected by 9 – 5, Monday through Friday, vacation time, compensation, benefits, etc…this all goes away when you are in alignment with and are following your professional purpose because you have created your professional journey the exact way you want to live. No longer worrying about a terrible boss, downsizing, seniority, strength of the job market or economy…this can all go away.

If you are ready to create your own path, your own journey, 
request a Leadership & Professional Purpose Roadmap experience with me to begin, or if you are ready to step further into your leadership and professional purpose, let’s begin here. 

Does Your Company Support Your Leadership Vision?

Companies with thriving, collaborative and innovative cultures attract and retain the most passionate, engaged and talent people. If your company is ready to elevate its culture, let’s talk.

Culture is the driving force behind every company because it puts people above everything else and is why they attract their ideal clients. 

Learn more about our corporate culture experiences for your company.