Ready to say YES to yourself?

If you are ambitious, ready to take action, want more visibility, and want more out of life and your professional purpose and brand, I am the coach for you.

If you find yourself falling behind in time, energy, personal care, professional development, patience, progression and other important areas in your life, you may find value in a coach.

If you also also have a lot of ideas and opportunities waiting for you and find yourself in the the same place day after day, month after month, year after year, you may find value in a coach.

If you know what you want and are looking for a high level accountability partner, a collaborator, a high level supporter with concise and effective ways to move your life, visibility, and professional purpose forward, I am the coach for you.

As your coach and strategist, I challenge and encourage you to get what you want, even when you can’t quite see it or articulate what it is. This is about your potential and following through on what you want to feel and what you want your life to become.

If you are tired of waiting for ‘things’ to get better – the following are ways we can work together now to clear your path to step forward in your life, your professional purpose and create your brand:

12 Week Lifestyle and Mindset Upgrade

This is one of my signature experiences, and is how I work with the majority of new clients who are looking for something else outside of their professional journey.

The 12 Week Lifestyle and Mindset Upgrade begins with a 60-minute conversation (Discover Session) to get clear on what you want, uncover what’s blocking you, slowing you down or getting in your way, which will allow you to set valuable goals and stay focused during our 12 week experience.

We work in weekly sessions (60 – 75 minutes via phone, in person, or both – your choice) on strategies curated for your lifestyle and mindset goals. This experience has a high level of support and accountability, and goes where you want to go, while stretching you along the way to make sure you get there. Bounce ideas with me, get real time feedback from me and my network of experts, and dive deep into your mindset to truly align yourself with your goals.

Each session is designed to create an action plan for you to work on in between sessions which gives you the opportunity to practice what you discover and determine where you want to go next. My goal is to not only have you achieve your goal(s), but also have them turn into your new habits and behavior which is the real transformation and growth. You will learn a lot about yourself and how to sustain the lifestyle and mindset achievements you create during this experience.

This 12 Week Lifestyle and Mindset Upgrade is for anyone who is coachable, and ready to say YES to moving their health, career, business, relationships, and life forward in a sustainable and positive way.

To begin this experience, book your discovery conversation with me today. From there, we’ll determine if we are a good fit and will start building your roadmap for this 12 week experience.

Professional Purpose & Branding Experience

If you are ready to land the next job of your dreams, elevate your visibility, further monetize your expertise, or create the ideal corporate culture for your business, it’s time to step into my Professional Purpose & Branding Experience.

VIP 28 Day Intensive

This experience requires a clear, high value goal with a deadline – meaning you want it NOW, and have the time to dedicate towards achieving your goal.

The VIP Intensive works extremely well for those who need the right, high level support, accountability and want to work within result-oriented parameters. You must be willing to work on your goal intensively and be coachable.

This experience begins with a 3 hour Discovery & Strategy Session (in person or via Zoom) where we will build your personal and professional roadmap with milestones and clear finish line based on your goal(s). From there we work twice per week over the phone in 30 minute sessions to create action plans, review progress and further implement action steps based on your progress.

VIP Intensives can be a lot of fun and are very exciting as you see your dream/goal unfold right in front of your eyes.

You must apply for this experience. To request an application, please contact me at

Group Coaching

Similar to the lifestyle and mindset upgrade experience, group coaching includes a high level of support and accountability, while working within a group environment with like-minded individuals.

Weekly 45 – 60 minute sessions are led by me, and are hosted live online via Zoom (each session is recorded and available to watch at anytime, so there is nothing to miss). In person group experiences are reserved for private and corporate groups. Please reach out to me directly for these experiences,

Each session consists of a learning, implementation and follow through componentCertain sessions include experiential exercises to implement what you’re learning in real time to feel the power of your action and follow through, and to ensure you are clear on the experience. I work with you on your action plans weekly via email and everyone in the group has access to each other for support and accountability via a private Facebook Group.

You can create your own private group experience based on specific goals and lifestyle, professional and mindset upgrades you and your group desire, or you can participate in my upcoming group experiences.

My next group coaching experience, ELEVATE YOUR PROFESSIONAL PURPOSE will open up shortly and is for anyone ready to:

  • Land the next job of your dreams
  • Get the promotion or the raise you deserve
  • Diversify your income by leveraging your expertise and experience through content, events, speaking engagements and other revenue generators
  • Supplement your income by creating your own private client offering that compliments what you’re currently doing
  • Create a powerful portfolio that will get you booked for every big opportunity you desire
  • Create a plan to leave your job to fully pursue your professional purpose by starting the business of your dreams

This is a 12 MONTH Group Coaching Mastermind Experience. More details are coming soon.  There is an application process for this group. If you have any questions we can address currently, please contact us at

If you’d like to inquire about a private group coaching or corporate coaching experiences tailored specifically for your group and company, please contact me directly at to explore the opportunity.

Discovery Conversation

Discover what’s slowing you down or getting in your way. This 30 – 60 minute conversation (via phone or in person) is specifically designed to uncover as many obstacles and beliefs that are blocking you from getting what you want and from feeling the way you want to feel. You will have a breakthrough in this session and we will start an action plan to move your life forward. This conversation will also let you know if coaching is right for you, and if I am the right coach for you.

Discovery conversations held over the phone are complimentary. Please inquire about in person discovery conversations by reaching out to us at

Corporate Coaching

My Professional Purpose Roadmap for companies begin with your vision. We then co-create a strategy to design the ideal corporate culture by identifying, developing and attracting engaged and purpose-filled talent and clients, turning your company into a sought-after destination for the products and services you offer. This roadmap follows my 5 Professional Purpose Roadmap Steps while also taking a look at your competitive and collaborative landscape, and can be tailored to a specific goal.

Get ready to have your ideal talent and clients knocking on your door. Please contact me at, to start exploring my corporate coaching experiences.


Talks, Workshops, Retreats, Speaking Engagements, Content

Collaborate with me to create content to elevate your team and clients.

  • Talks: can range 45 – 90 minutes. A Talk Series includes a minimum of three talks over a specific time frame
  • Workshops: 1 – 8 hours
  • Retreats: 1 – 7 days
  • Speaking Engagements: based on your needs

Talks, workshops and retreats are either held in your venue, offsite venues, my workspace or online. My team can also create complete offsite Corporate Retreat experiences for your group. These experiences are not only learning intensive, they are also fun, interactive and engaging.

We can also create content for your website, professional training and development collateral, corporate culture, sales scripts, and marketing materials.

Topics can include anything related to:

  • time
  • energy
  • sleep
  • nutrition
  • purpose
  • engagement
  • professional development
  • professional purpose
  • impact
  • fulfillment
  • happiness
  • corporate culture
  • project management
  • communication
  • confidence
  • relaxation / stress management
  • decision making
  • positive living
  • work-life balance

Please contact me at for more information.

I partner with professionals and companies who understand the value of support and accountability.

Everyone gets stuck, everyone feels a little lost at times, and those who get curious and take action are the ones who get the results and move things forward.

Working with me as your coach and strategist means working on realistic and sustainable action to move your life and professional purpose forward.

Sometimes our ambition and confidence make us feel we need to achieve everything NOW. I kind of love that about people, because that used to be me…NOW, NOW, NOW! I was never good at walking the walk, asking for help or making small changes. I always figured out ways to sprint down the path, and occasionally would miss important lessons and shifts along the way.

As your coach and strategist, I support and hold you accountable to take action and receive the lessons and growth along your journey.

Even though I have big dreams and goals, working with my coaches have allowed me to feel and see my results by slowing things down, working on small, consistent actions, while creating mindset shifts rather than trying to do it all right now. Doing things fast and NOW used to feel exciting and fed my accomplishment ego, but in reality it was overwhelming, wasn’t creating any sort of foundation, was draining my energy, and was leaving me in the same place…the place I didn’t want to be…a place of constantly stalling out and getting stuck :/

As your coach and strategist, I help you create the pace of your journey to match your goals and lifestyle in a realistic way by creating a roadmap. I call this the Marathon Method and it is the foundation of my coaching practice. The clarity you will experience while working with me as a coach and business strategist will allow you to make empowered decisions rather than rushing, perfecting, delaying, worrying, over-analyzing or doing what you’re doing now.

If you want something different, something new, something more out of your life and professional journey, and are ready to be seen and heard by a massive amount of people interested in who you are and what you have to offer, book a complimentary discovery conversation with me to start moving everything forward.


“Before working with Tiffany I felt confused and didn’t feel that I had clear direction. I was frustrated and overwhelmed,and I felt really stuck. I chose to work with Tiffany because I’ve seen what she has been able to for some of her other clients and I could tell that she has a strong sense of direction and clarity.
In just one session Tiffany was able to help me bring together a program that I had been working on for months and created a very doable action plan moving forward. I couldn’t believe how easy she made it feel!
If you’re looking for clarity, direction, support and an action plan for your business or career, look no further, Tiffany Houser is a kick-ass coach, that really knows how to get things done!”


– Dana P.


“I first met Tiffany Houser at SoulCycle. Her energy in the room was palpable and her inspirational words during classmade me want to introduce myself. I asked her where she heard those words of motivation and she said these were her own words and that she was a life coach who worked with individuals to achieve their dreams.
Before meeting Tiffany, I had just moved to DC and started working in a job that ultimately wasn’t fulfilling. I wasn’t happy and knew I wanted to pursue a different way of life, but I didn’t know how.
Applying for different jobs and growing as an individual is a lot more difficult than it sounds, but listening to Tiffany talk about her coaching practice after class, I knew she would be the right person to push me in the exact right direction.
I have worked with Tiffany for almost 6 months now, and achieved more than I knew was possible. What is so unique about her process is she uses the confidence, strength, and motivation you already have to help you achieve what you want and deserve. What you will get from this experience is exactly what you put in. She is frank and honest, pushing you to believe in yourself and put in the work that is needed to achieve your goals.
While working with her I have deepened my job search to ultimately find a fulfilling career. I have also worked on my ability to slow things down and not focus on the outcome. She has further helped to improve my patience and determination to ultimately achieve a life that will make me happy.
If you are considering working with Tiffany you must know this – everything you want to achieve she will help you achieve, as long as you put as much effort forward as necessary to reach your goals. Working with Tiffany will not be easy, it will probably be one of the hardest things you will ever do, but in doing so you are opening yourself up to a new chapter of your life and accepting the fact that you want to move towards happiness and fulfillment.
If your put your best foot forward while working with Tiffany you will achieve what you set yourself up for. I value everything Tiffany has done for me and how she has made me grow as an individual. I know as I advance in my career I will be ready for these challenges and be fulfilled, because of the work I have achieved with Tiffany. I am continuing to work with her and value each new lesson I learn. If you are ready for a chapter of prosperity and confidence than you have come to the right person.”
– Brittany S.

“When I first heard about Tiffany’s coaching, I was excited but truthfully, a bit nervous. Tiffany led me on a journey andhelped me realize that I am in control of what happens. I needed to see that I need to take care of myself first, so that I can be a better wife, a better mother, a better friend, a better co-worker, a better person. By being better prepared in all things, I can be more calm and more present! Those overwhelming feelings can be managed if I prepare, pay attention to my body and do something about it.
With her coaching and implementation of the weekly action steps (which weren’t hard, I promise), I reached my goal of feeling more healthy, less overwhelmed and more at peace in just 12 weeks! And while weight loss wasn’t a primary of mine, I’ll say an 8-pound weight loss was certainly an added benefit!”
– Shannon T.

What does it mean to work with a Coach & Business Strategist?


Working with a coach is like working with a mirror. You simply declare what you want and we create a plan together to achieve it. I represent what you declare by opening up your path to possibilities and reminding you along the way of what you want.

I’m not a magician…and I do not believe you need to be ‘fixed’.

It is up to you to walk down the path. As your coach, I walk with you. I don’t push you on the path from behind to get things done, nor do I drag you on the path by doing the work for you, or by giving you advice. You can get all the free advice you want online or from any person.

As your coach, I partner with you to put what you know and what you want into action – you will follow through while working with me. We create things in your life and for your professional purpose.

With over 14 years in the corporate and start-up world, I am able to see your vision and what you want through a wider lens. I empower you to create checks and balances because sometimes you may be too close your challenges or your work. I’m a set of fresh eye, fresh perspective and am here for fresh feedback, if you ask for it.

As a Strategist, we create timelines and roadmaps so we see exactly where to go and more importantly, HOW to get there. I collaborate with you during our time together so you never have to second guess yourself or the process.

You have to really want your lifestyle and professional upgrade badly in order to work with me as your coach and you must be coachable. It must be important and meaningful to you, otherwise, we won’t get very far and another month or year may go by with another reason or excuse keeping you in the same place in your life and on your professional path.

Coaching gives you a high level support and accountability. I hold a space and vision for you to make empowered decisions and take empowered action, while working on your inner game (mindset, habits, beliefs), and your outer game (strategies, actions, etc.). My strategy work allows you to get things done and have clarity to see the ‘HOW TO’s’ and turn your dreams into reality.

Back in 2014, Forbes published, What is Success Coaching?, and I love piece because it succinctly describes the value and power of coaching.

You will get whatever you put into your coaching experience – how incredible is that!

If you are ready to say YES to yourself, book a complimentary discovery conversation with me today.


Once you know what you want to work on or are ready to get unstuck, you…

  1. Book your discovery conversationDuring the discovery conversation, we discuss your goal(s), start to uncover what’s in your way and create the beginning of your action plan
  2. Determine type and length of your coaching experience
  3. Sign Client Agreement, pick day/time of sessions, submit investment
  4. Sessions can be held in person, over the phone or online via Zoom – your choice

I look forward to partnering with you to move your life and your professional purpose forward.

With Purpose,



Tiffany Houser
Coach & Business Strategist