This is one of my favorite things I help my clients with…landing your dream job.

Think about – your job or your career is where you spend the majority of your time every week, every month and every year. If you are spending the majority of your time, energy and essentially your life doing something that isn’t making you happy, having you feel fulfilled, or creating an impact, it might be time to take a chance on yourself and step into your dream job.

I know it may not seem that simple, yet it is.

I empower my clients to make decisions and take bold action to move their lives and professional success forward. You have the choice every day to stay in a job that isn’t right for you, has you feeling stuck or frustrated, is no longer challenging or where the corporate culture is no longer aligned with your happiness or goals.

Yes, it a choice to stay there and go there everyday and do meaningless work.


It is also your choice to change this and go for what you desire and deserve. What do you choose?


i know a lot of people have so many excuses for not pursuing their dream job such as, there aren’t any jobs available, my bills and responsibilities are reliant on my current job, I’m not experienced enough for my dream job, no one would hire me, and that list goes on.

Here’s the thing – when you will your happiness become more important than your excuses? When will you professional purpose be honored where you will no longer have to dread work or worry about income?


Studies show happy people earn higher salaries!


…because they love their job and are performing at their highest potential from being fulfilled and creating an impact.  Here’s where people get it backwards. Some people believe that if and when they make more money, they will become happier. When in fact, the opposite is true. Happiness leads to greater wealth, greater abundance.

When you are happy, you are willing to accept challenges and take risks, both of which are predictors of greater earning opportunity.  You also view bad decisions as a learning opportunity and feedback rather than a personal failure. People want to work with and spend time with happy people, so when special or bigger opportunities become available, happy people are most likely considered first, when it comes to dream jobs.

Now I know a lot of companies promote based on seniority and experience, and happy people tend to beat out people with seniority and experience because happiness leads to better productivity, problem solving, teamwork, and happy people invest in themselves by taking courses, staying late, hiring a coach, having mentors, networking and researching their field/industry all because they LOVE their job.


You deserve to have the job of your dreams.


You deserve to be happy every week, every month, every year. If you are ready to step into your spotlight and stand on the stage you meant to stand on, book a conversation with me to see what’s getting in your way and start creating your plan to land your dream job!

You can also take a look at my complimentary guide, How To Land Your Dream Job.