Thank you for following my weekly video post on Instagram and Facebook, Stayin’ UP on a Tuesday. After receiving such incredible feedback and interest, we decided to move this experience to a live, online series.

Elevate Your Lifestyle will air every Wednesday at 12:15p EST* via Zoom.

Each week Tiffany will discuss topics that you and her clients are interested in knowing more about and this is also an opportunity to share your experiences with success. Success in your health, your job, your business and in your life! There will be special guests along the way.

The series is live and interactive, so come ready to participate…however, you can listen in if that’s your style.

To access Elevate Your Lifestyle, sign-up via Zoom and you’ll receive the login information and details. Below are the topics for the first 4 episodes.

Can’t wait to see you every Wednesday afternoon at 12:15p EST!