When it comes time to pivot in life, it can mean you are craving something more or something different in a bigger more powerful way. A pivot in life can be a choice, and it can also happen organically, both of which are filled with empowerment.

This concept or strategy of a pivot in life ties into a few things I’ve discussed in my weekly video series such as our:

  • Evolution – evolving into higher versions of ourselves, pivots can lead us seamlessly through our evolution
  • Sabotage is just feedback, or a sign of something in your life craving change, a pivot can remedy sabotage
  • WHOLEness – honoring every part of who you are, a pivot is natural when you are honor all of your parts as you evolve

This is the biggest reason my clients hire me. They desire something bigger or something different in their career/business or in life. My clients hire me to pivot because they are ready:

  • for a promotion or raise in their existing company
  • to leap into entrepreneurship
  • to grow and scale their existing business
  • to become a master, expert, or leader in their industry
  • start over with career or enter a new profession
  • to divorce their partner or leave any toxic relationship
  • to create a positive relationship with money and create wealth rather than savings
  • to put themselves first, which is not selfish
  • to create a nourishing lifestyle where they no longer have to think about diet and exercising
  • to operate confidently in all aspects of their lives
  • to get out of their own way and start showing up 100% for themselves
  • to be completely happy and fulfilled
  • and this list goes on and on…

We coaches are an excellent resource when it comes to pivot in life or in business. We become your partner, your collaborator, your supporter and your accountability champion. I guarantee you will move forward with your choice to feel and be happy, empowered, fulfilled, accomplished, or whatever it is you desire.

A pivot in life is similar to following my 5 Checkpoints to Follow Your Professional Purpose:

1. Desire – what do you want that you don’t have today…what is the starting and end point to your pivot?
2. Commitment – how are you going to get to this new point in your life?
3. Courage – how will you handle the journey and be kind and compassionate to yourself by saying YES to yourself during the entire pivot
4. Consistency – how are you practicing everything it takes to get to where you want to be everyday?
5. Confidence – creating sustainability around all of your choices by believing in your self worth and the value of the pivot.

A pivot can feel like a transition in life or in business, yet it doesn’t have to be so profound or your biggest goal in life or on your professional journey. I like to refer to the pivots as how create a seamless transition into your overarching goals of your life, which again, goes back to my Marathon Method of coaching, where we create milestones to move 1 step at a time closer to what you desire.

Sometimes when we only focus on the entire transition or the big overarching goal, our mindset might start creating excuses and limitations because it may only be able to handle a little change or one a pivot at a time…

So I’m curious, what’s something in your life that might feel or be better with a pivot?

If you are ready to explore your pivot in life or in your leadership journey, let’s explore what’s getting in your way and slowing you down from this pivot so we can start creating your action plan to achieve your pivot.