We are less than a month away from 2018.

Some of you may already know your New Year’s Resolution, and in my world I create a mantra each year to set the tone for myself and how I operate with everything and everyone rather than focusing on one goal.

A mantra allows me to stay anchored into the lifestyle I want to be living¬†the entire year and allows me to create agreements with myself and others while staying positive. My mantra inspires my throughout the year to understand there is no way to ‘fail’ or drop the ball, because my mantra reminds me I am on a journey.

I believe we are all constantly evolving and what we may desire or want right now or on January 1st, may be different from who we are and what we in April or September of next year. So my mantra allows me to stay focused on the bigger picture of my life and leaves a lot of space for growth and my evolution. For those of you are very committed to yourself, a mantra opens up all possibilities in your life rather than limiting yourself to a resolution.

I invite you a complimentary I AM _____ Mantra and Intention Setting Session with me next Wednesday, December 27th at 7:00p EST.

To join me, please sign-up here to receive the session guide to get the most value out of this session along with the link to join us on Wednesday.

What are you ready for in 2018?


With Purpose,



Tiffany Houser